More on-line educational resources

My last post detailed information about MIT’s initiative to make high quality content available on-line for free.  At the time, I had assumed that the content available through MITx open courseware was relatively unique, so imagine my surprise when I was exposed to many similar sites that offer educational content in a variety of formats.

For example, Yale University offers about 35 complete courses in a video lecture format.  The interested learner would find a topic of interest such as Physics, select a class such as Fundamentals, then choose to view a 50 minute lecture on Thermodynamics or Newton’s laws out of a list of about 20 different topics.  Video lectures are available in such diverse fields as Chemistry, Appreciation of Music, The American Revolution, or the Introduction to the Old Testament.

Flatworld knowledge offers free textbooks.

Academic Earth provides a variety of coursework from some of the most prestigious universities in the country including MIT, Yale, Michigan, NYU, UNC, USC, Princeton, Stanford and Harvard.

OpenStudy is a social learning network where students ask questions, give help and connect with other students.  Another site of this sort is Piazza.  This site supports individual classes, where the instructor can monitor exchanges between students, and weigh in as necessary.

Peer to Peer University is an online community of open study groups for short university level classes.

Perhaps my favorite is the Kahn Academy,  Kahn Academy began as a man trying to help his nephews with their homework.  It has the feel of the teacher writing on the screen and explaining complex topics in an engaging and informative manner.  This site appeals to learners of all ages with topics ranging from introductory algebra to time value of money to micro and macro economics to statistics to GMAT and SAT preparation to biology to plate tectonics.  Pretty Cool!

Other resources include The Saylor Foundation   the University of the People,   Carnegie Mellon , and the Open Courseware Consortium

Take some time and check out these resources.  You may learn something when you least expect it.


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3 Responses to More on-line educational resources

  1. D.A. McLeod says:

    Awesome Job! Thanks for sharing.

  2. oldgradstuda says:

    I agree with you about the number of resources for learning that are “outside” the classroom and don’t require people to sign up and go back to school. I see the need for a professor to mentor the relationship with students; as a knowledge base; and as a person that can help engage students or help people think outside the preverbial box. I see both sides of the debate per se; but I wonder sometimes when I hear people speaking who have only been either outside of school (meaning working for a long time) or have been in academia for a long time if it isn’t just a perspective issue. I mean when you have been out of school and working outside of academia learning still occurs and technology is used all the time!! There is no choice…so it makes me wonder then why in academia is it even a debate?..Isn’t the point of academia to prepare people for working in the real world?? Just checking…:)

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