Twitter for Academics

I have been perusing a variety of resources extolling the benefits of incorporating Twitter into the academic environment.  One such resource is an article by K. Walsh in EmergingEdTech.  This article provides links to several other articles that tout the virtues of Twitter in the classroom.  While I can appreciate the validity of the technology in certain circumstances, I see little functionality at the introductory level of Accounting education that is not already provided by Blackboard (without the de facto content limitations).  Most of the applications are more appropriate for “soft sciences.”



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2 Responses to Twitter for Academics

  1. Maybe a different question might be “How could a quick networked connection between me and my students help solve a problem in an introductory accounting class?” Trying to fit what others do into your own teaching situation might be the equivalent of square pegs / round holes. But…would another channel of communication facilitate meeting course learning outcomes (through study groups, self-help questioning, outside resources, etc). Twitter is one opportunity, but so is Facebook or LinkedIn.

  2. I am intrigued by twitter and glad to have been introduced to it.

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