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Collaborative Learning & Piazza

Last week in my technology and education class, one of the instructors introduced us to a site where anyone with a .edu email address can create an interactive learning space where the students can connect and ask and answer questions. Piazza allows … Continue reading

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Educate or perish!

My technology and education class has spent considerable time in recent weeks discussing how people learn, what constitutes learning, and what we, as educators, can do to facilitate learning. We analyzed different taxonomies of learning that ranged from a simple … Continue reading

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There was a sprited discussion last week in my Teaching, Learning & Technology class centered on evaluation and assessment.  The first problem centered on who is really evaluated – the teacher or the student?  Aren’t student learning evaluations actually an … Continue reading

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Curation of Information

A recent class session centered on educators’ role as curators of information.  I had never really considered teachers and professors to be aggregators of knowledge, but rather disseminators thereof.  Upon further reflection however, it became apparent that with the explosion … Continue reading

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Another view of social media.

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Twitter for Academics

I have been perusing a variety of resources extolling the benefits of incorporating Twitter into the academic environment.  One such resource is an article by K. Walsh in EmergingEdTech.  This article provides links to several other articles that tout the … Continue reading

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Eat the Rich

As an educator, I am paid to elucidate complex concepts and explain them in a manner that is understandable to my students and I am confident in, and proud of my ability to do so.  It is frustrating therefore, when … Continue reading

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The Plaid Avenger!

A recent class discussion centered on how to engage students in the educational process.  It seems that one professor from Virginia Tech has come up with an interesting twist on engagement by employing a multi-pronged approach to learning the topic … Continue reading

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More on-line educational resources

My last post detailed information about MIT’s initiative to make high quality content available on-line for free.  At the time, I had assumed that the content available through MITx open courseware was relatively unique, so imagine my surprise when I was exposed … Continue reading

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MIT offers credential certification for on-line classes

A recent article posted on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s website details information about MIT’s initiative to provide official certification for completion of on-line content. This certification will provide credibility for on-line learners through knowledge assessment to ensure mastery … Continue reading

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